Beautiful Metal Shingle Installation in Tell City, IN

Front view of a recently completed metal shingle installation on a brown brick home.

Most of our metal roof installations make use of the typical metal roofing panels. But we love it when we have the opportunity to install something a little more premium like these eye catching metal roofing shingles. Metal roofing shingles offer the best of both worlds–durability and aesthetics. We’d love to hear about your upcoming […]

The Benefits of Adding a Small Addition to Your Barn

Framing added to a custom barn addition.

Expanding your barn with a small addition can yield significant advantages. Here’s a brief look at the potential benefits: 1. More Storage and Functionality: A barn addition provides valuable extra space for storing equipment, tools, or even creating living quarters. It enhances the barn’s functionality and adaptability to your needs. 2. Increased Property Value: Adding […]