Beautify Your Home with Metal Roof Accents

Did you know that you can add metal roof panels to your home as accents? It’s true! This can be a great way to beautify and add visual interest to your home…

Black metal roof accent installed over patio.

Step 1

Pick a metal roof color that complements the existing colors of your home. There are many metal roof colors to choose from. And we’re happy to show up with color samples to help you pick the color that’s right for your home.

Step 2

Decide which areas of your roof should feature metal accents. There’s no hard, fast rule here. Generally speaking, though, accents are placed along lower sections of the roof. Patios and entryways are often great candidates for metal accents.

Step 3

Install the metal roof. In the case of new construction, the metal roof accents are installed alongside the other roofing materials. In the case of the featured images, the metal accents were installed alongside shingles.
For existing construction, prior roofing materials are either removed or covered with the metal accents.

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  1. Recently remodeled exterior. I have a small area in the front of the house that I want to accent with a metal roof but contractor does not do this. Can you help?

    1. Hi there, Cindy!! Thanks for your comment. I’ll forward this along to Jason to see if we can help out with this. 🙂

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