Boat Storage Construction near Westview, KY

Quality boat storage construction is in high demand around Rough River Lake. We recently completed this new boat storage building in Westview, KY.

New boat storage construction in Westview, KY

At first glance, this boat storage building looks a lot like many of the storage sheds that you may see along the road in the Rough River area–a post frame construction covered in metal. While this is mostly true, this custom building features steel trusses.

Steel trusses in boat storage near Westview, KY

We love steel trusses and we find ourselves using them more frequently in a variety of construction applications. Our steel trusses are custom made to fit each project to exact specifications. They’re also stronger and longer lasting than their wood counterparts.

If you’re looking for an experienced construction company to build a custom post frame building, we’d love to hear from you!

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