Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long has Roof Master LLC been in the roofing business?

A: Roof Master has been in business for over eight years.

Q: What types of roofing projects does Roof Master specialize in?

A: Roof Master LLC specializes in all types of metal, shingle and flat roofs.

Q: About how long will it take to fix my roof?

A: The average roofing project usually takes about three days to complete.

Q: Does Roof Master LLC offer financing for residential roofing projects?

A: Roof Master LLC does not offer financing at this time.

Q: How will I be billed for the installation or repair of my roof?

A: Roof Master LLC invoices customers on-site upon the completion of the project.

Q: What forms of payment does Roof Master LLC accept?

A: Roof Master LLC accepts all major credit cards.

Q: Does Roof Master LLC offer a guarantee for my roofing project?

A: Yes, there is a five-year labor installation guarantee on all projects.

Q: Who cleans up after my roofing project is complete?

A: Roof Master employees will clean up upon completion of the roofing project.

Q: Does Roof Master LLC offer a finder’s fee for referring new customers?

A: Yes!  Roof Master LLC offers a finder’s fee for referring new customers to our family.  Contact Us for more information.