Custom Deck with Built-In Hot Tub and Storage Area

So it’s no secret that we specialize in commercial and residential roofing applications, but from time to time we like to mix up our workflow with a specialty project.  We’re stoked about sharing one of our recent specialty projects with you. It’s a really awesome deck with some pretty cool custom features. We even put together a cool video for you.  Let’s take a look…

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Posted by Jason Volkov on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Video Transcript:

The company name is Roof Master,  but we’re Deck Master today.  So, we’ve got a 12 x 48 deck here and half of it is enclosed, screened in.  Let’s check this out.

This section is 12 x 22, I think.  And the homeowner wanted enough room for a table and possibly a grill.  And, of course, this is the special part of this project: We’ve got a hot tub in there and look at that–it’s even going there.  100-degree water.  It’s pretty nice.  And then we’ve got a back door here going down to a set of steps.

The hot tub was a little custom work. We had to build a platform in there to kinda tuck that thing away, but it all worked out good.

Yeah, this project was kind of unique.  It was fun.   It was different than what we usually do.  Our main thing is roofing:   But here we built a deck, so we really did enjoy it.  

Another little cool thing about this is we’ve got this little door here where you could maybe park a lawn mower, stack some old lumber or heck…you can maybe put a couple of goats in there.  🙂 

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