EMS Building Gets New Metal Roof Over Shingles in Irvington KY

Most experts will tell you that a shingle roof will last anywhere from 12 – 20 years.  The actual lifespan depends on several variables like what shingle roofing material is used and the weather conditions where the building is located.  Exact timeframes aside, shingles tend to wear out faster than some of the more modern roofing materials like metal.  Before long, those shingles will need to be replaced to avoid a leaky roof and structural damage.  In some instances, it’s possible to install metal roofing over shingles.  We recently did this on the EMS building in Irvington, KY.

If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll notice that a framework of 1x4s is installed over the existing shingles before the new metal sheets are fastened into place.  This framework is not simply anchored to the old roofing material.  Long screws fasten this framework directly to the underlying rafters making the roof capable of withstanding very strong winds.

Unlike the short life-span of asphalt shingles, a professionally installed metal roof can last 40 years or more.  In other words, a metal roof nearly lasts a lifetime.

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