Metal Roof Over Shingles with Custom Framing in Richland City, IN

We’re excited to share another metal roof over shingle installation success story.  Though we’ve listed this project under Tell City, this farmhouse is actually located in Richland City, IN.  The homeowner was very pleased with the outcome of this project.  We hope that you’ll love it as well.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the old shingle roof on this home is the fact that it had a significant leak.  The low sloping area of the roof had been leaking for a number of years.  A tarp had been placed over the leaky area in an effort to mitigate the problem.  Even so, water was still running through the faulty shingles and into the attic.

Leaky roofs eventually lead to pretty serious structural problems.  In the case of this home, the original roofing material under the shingles had begun to weaken.  To reinforce the affected area, we installed new framing material and raised the pitch to match the garage.

You might have noticed that the chimneys were also starting to show their age.  As chimneys deteriorate, they can begin to crumble and become another source of roof leakage.  To avoid future roof leaks, the chimneys were removed.

The new metal roof will keep this old farmhouse dry for years to come.  The old leaky shingles are a thing of the past, and the aging chimneys won’t be causing any future problems for the happy homeowner.  In addition to functional benefits of this new metal roof, it also gave the home a whole new look.

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