Metal Roofing Contractors near Garfield, KY

Looking for metal roofing contractors near Garfield, KY? Roof Master LLC has solutions for you! We’re master roofers who specialize in turning old, worn-out shingles into beautiful, metal roofs.

Speaking of turning old shingles into beautiful metal, here are a couple of pictures from a project that we recently completed in Garfield, KY. Like many houses that we roof, this home had an existing shingle roof that was in need of repair. Since the underlying roof structure was in good repair, we were able to install a new metal roof over the existing shingles. This results in faster turnaround and cost savings.

In the end, the happy homeowner was left with a beautiful metal roof that will protect their home and family for years to come…

How about you? Are you ready to turn your old, worn-out shingles into a new metal roof? Need someone to install a metal roof on your house?

Let’s start the conversation about your upcoming project.

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We’d love to start the conversation about your upcoming project. 

From general questions to project specifics, we look forward to learning more about your unique needs. 

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