New 40-Year Metal Roof Installation over Existing Shingles in Brandenburg, KY

Take a look at this 40-year metal roof installation and tell us it’s not the most beautiful thing that you’ve seen in a while.  The color selection of this metal is on-point–we’re amazed by how well it goes with the existing brick.  Beautiful!!

Looks aren’t the only thing to get excited about when it comes to this new metal roof — it’s 40-year metal.  The metal used to cover the roof on this beautiful Brandenburg, KY, home is guaranteed to last 40 years.  That’s huge!  Especially when you consider that the average shingle installation will last only around 15 years.  This roof beats that by nearly three (3) times!!

In addition to aesthetics and durability, this beautiful metal roof has another feature that is of paramount importance when it comes to the life of a roof: Ventilation.  A roof needs to breathe, and although there are a variety of mechanisms that people install to make this happen, the best way is to work in harmony with mother nature by installing a vent along the entire length of the ridge cap as we did in this installation.

We all know that hot air rises, and this is no different when it comes to your attic.  As the air in your attic heats up, it rises to the peak of the roof.  In metal roofing applications, this is where the ridge cap is installed.  Using special material to vent the ridge cap allows the hot attic air to flow out while keeping the elements from coming in.  Win-win.  🙂

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