New Conklin Flat Roof Installation in Tell City, IN

The Conklin Company introduced rubberized (elastomeric) coating to the commercial roofing industry over 40 years ago. These white roofs reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them like some of the other darker roofing materials on the market like shingles and metal. Less heat absorption equals more energy savings, and that’s just one advantage of Conklin roof coatings.

In addition to energy savings, the acrylic elastomeric roof coating forms a thick, durable and seamless membrane that adheres to the commercial roof. These properties make the roof extremely tolerant to a wide range of external stresses like prolonged exposure to UV rays, standing water or snow.

A variety of drainage systems are used in flat commercial roofing systems. For this commercial roof, a center (or inner) drain was used to drain the water off the roof.

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