New Post Frame Boat Storage Construction on Rough River Lake

They say that you can never have too much space.  This definitely seems to be the case when it comes to self-storage buildings and boat sheds near Rough River Lake.

Self-storage buildings dot the landscape here and there in and around Rough River, KY.  We recently added a couple dots of our own, erecting two new metal storage buildings for a customer just across from the Rough River Dam State Resort Park.

Let’s start by answering a question:

Q: Who builds custom metal buildings and boat storage sheds near Rough River Lake?

A: Roof Master LLC builds custom metal buildings and boat storage sheds near Rough River Lake.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, allow us to share the details of this boat storage construction project with you.  🙂

This particular project consisted of building two post-frame boat storage buildings from the ground up.  Though both storage building construction projects were covered with metal, they were built to different specifications, with one large building measuring 60′ x 132′ and another smaller storage building measuring 36′ x 96′.

It took us about a month to complete this project.  The toughest part of the job was dealing with the weather.  There were several days of rain and storms in the Rough River area.  This made the job site quite messy for several days.  In the end, we caught a break and were able to do what building contractors to best–build, of course!

The larger storage building construction was designed to be relatively open.  The metal roof and sides provide ample protection from the weather and the damaging rays of the sun.  Open bays make for easy access to the 11 units along each side of the storage building.  And although these units are commonly referred to as ‘boat storage sheds’ in and around Rough River Lake, you can store a wide variety of items.  Campers welcome!

The smaller storage building construction was designed to be completely enclosed.  It features 8 storage units running along a single side.  Each storage unit is secured by a locking garage door.

If you’re looking for a contractor who builds storage buildings near Rough River Lake, then you’re in the right place.  Roof Master LLC offers free quotes, and we’ve got the experience to make sure your boat storage project is done right.

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  1. boat storage as show above. 12 w x 40 ft deep with a 6 foot height. we have 200 feet to work with.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kristi. Much appreciated. So you’re saying that you have a similar project that you’d like a quote on? 🙂

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