New Post Frame Building with Wood Trusses

Post-frame construction, or pole barn construction, is a popular building method that uses wooden poles as the primary structural support. It is often used for agricultural buildings, storage facilities, and residential homes. This method is cost-effective and flexible, allowing for an open floor plan that suits your needs.

Close up of post frame building

One of the benefits of post-frame construction is its affordability. As poles are driven into the ground, the process is quicker and less expensive than traditional methods. This construction also allows for flexibility in design as there are no load-bearing walls or columns to worry about.

Post frame building with tan sides and white trim.

Post-frame construction is durable and wind-resistant. The wooden poles are treated with preservatives that protect them from decay and insect infestations.

With careful planning and the right contractor, post-frame construction can be a great choice for your next building project.

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