New Slate Gray Metal Roof with Copper Metal Porch Ceiling

We’re excited to share another metal-roof-over-existing-shingles transformation with you.  We very much enjoyed working with the owners of this beautiful home, and we’re very happy with the outcome of their newly installed metal roof.

This home originally had asphalt shingles, and like all asphalt shingles, the passing of time had left them brittle and inefficient. Even though the shingles didn’t make the home look bad by any means, the roof had a few love bumps and it was no longer doing its job of keeping the home dry and protected from the elements.

If the underlying structure of a roof with existing shingles is structurally sound, in many cases we are able to save the homeowner quite a lot of time and money by simply leaving the existing shingles on the roof. That was the case in this project. Because the homeowner took action quickly, we were able to simply install a new metal roof over the worn shingle roof.

Installing a new metal roof over an existing shingle installation is perfectly safe, quite common and permissible by local building codes.  Even so, it’s not a matter of simply pulling up to the job site with a load of metal and laying it on top of the shingles.  There’s still quite a lot of preparation to be done.

The porch on this home adds visual interest to the overall design, in addition to the functional role of providing a nice outdoor living space. A copper metal roof was installed on the underside of the porch to further enhance the aesthetic appeal that this space provides.

In the end, the new metal roof made this country home look even more beautiful than it was before. We’re very excited for the owners of this home.  Their new metal roof will provide comfort and protection for years to come.

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