New Standing Seam Roof on Barnhouse Getaway in Lewisport, KY

If you’re into country living and cool weekend getaways, then you simply must check out this barn house project in Lewisport, KY.

We’d love to convince you that we did all the work on this project, but in actuality we were just a part of a larger team. Another construction company near Lewisport, KY, framed this beautiful home. Roof Master LLC had the pleasure of putting the icing on the cake by way of installing a standing seam roof. Like the barn house itself, however, this standing seam roof is a cut above the rest.

There’s a lot of variety in how standing seam roofing materials are fastened to the roof, with higher-end standing seam roofs having fasteners that are completely concealed. No exposed screws!

While we’re on the topic of higher-end standing seam roofs, we’d like to point out that not just any roofing company is cut out for installing standing seam roofs. The vast majority of roofers specialize in shingled and composite roofs. Expert installation of a standing seam roof requires specialized knowledge and tools.

If you’re looking for the best roofers near Lewisport, KY, then look no further. We are master roofers with the skills and specialized roofing tools to install all types of commercial and residential roofing applications.

Take advantage of our free estimates and allow the Roof Master team to prove that we’re among the best roofing companies in Lewisport, KY.

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  1. Thanks for taking on this project. We are so happy with our new roof. This was a great experience and we would definitely use you again for future projects!

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