Regal Blue Metal Roof over Existing Shingle Roof in Lewisport, KY

Roof Master LLC is happy to be among the best roofing companies in Lewisport, Kentucky. We recently installed this beautiful regal blue metal roof over existing shingles.  Read on for more details about this new residential roof install and for more information about how Roof Master LLC can help you with your up-coming roofing project.  🙂

As we described in some our previous jobs where metal was installed over existing shingles, the first step is to anchor 1×4 boards to the existing roof using special screws to drill through into the underlying rafters (Eh,… they’re not coming off.).  Once the 1×4 frame is in place, the custom-fit, metal roofing material is professionally installed.  Installing the roof in this manner is not only faster, but it also eliminates the liability of exposing the roofing material to the elements. This is a huge plus in Kentucky, Indiana and surrounding areas–you never know when a storm may blow up!

You may have heard that air is a good insulator. It’s true! In fact, air is one of the most important components of many foam-based insulations. Likewise, the small space created by the 1×4 frame creates an air cushion of sorts that may enhance the insulating factor of the existing roof.

While we’re on the subject of airflow, we also wanted to make mention of the fact that the new roof on this residential home is vented along the length of the entire ridge cap by a technology called VersaVent. VersaVent closures are much more effective at venting hot attic air than smaller, traditional vents typically installed on residential homes.

If you’re looking for residential roofing companies in Lewisport, Kentucky, or if you happen to be looking for the best roofers in the Lewisport area, we’d like to invite you to take advantage of our free roofing estimates. Roof master LLC has vast experience and all types of residential and commercial roofing applications. We are more than just local roofing contractors. We’re roof masters!

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