Custom-Built Pole Barn Apartment in Lewisport, KY

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Custom-Built Pole Barn Apartment in Lewisport, KY

Pole barn construction is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to build a structure.  Whether you need a barn, garage, house or (as in the case of this project) an apartment, most anything can be constructed from a pole building.


This pole barn apartment in Lewisport, KY, is the most recent addition to our portfolio of specialty construction projects.  It features two bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen/dining room combination.  Roof Master LLC managed every aspect of this metal building construction–framing, concrete, insulation, windows, doors, metal siding and, ahem, the roof, of course.  In other words, we had the pleasure of doing the whole nine yards…  🙂


Rear view of pole barn apartment covered in white metal with black trim.
Rear view of custom-built pole barn apartment.


Location-wise, the pole barn apartment was built alongside a pre-existing, custom-built metal garage (also a pole barn construction).  These metal buildings look beautiful next to one another, with matching metal exteriors and construction styles.  Before long, you’ll never know that these buildings weren’t built at the same time.


If you’re in the market for a pole barn building near Lewisport, KY, we’d like to invite you to start the conversation about your project.  Whether you need an actual pole barn, garage, apartment or an alternate metal building construction, Roof Master LLC has a free estimate for you.


Questions?  Comments?  Like what you see?  Let us know by dropping us a comment below.  🙂

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