Shingles to Metal Roof Replacement in Big Spring, KY

Weekends are awesome.  Ice cream is awesome.  But you know what isn’t awesome?  Leaky roofs.  A leaky roof can really…rain on your parade (Sorry.  We couldn’t resist.).  Luckily for these homeowners in Big Spring, KY, Roof Master LLC is in the business of removing leaky, shingled roofs and turning them into beautiful, metal roofs.

The metal roof that we installed on this home in Big Spring, KY, isn’t just your typical metal roof; it’s a standing-seam metal roof.  Standing-seam metal roofs differ from other metal roof types in that there are no exposed fasteners.  This is a significant advantage.  Even metal roofs with exposed fasteners will last much longer than their shingled counterparts, but standing-seam roofs have the potential to last even longer.  This is primarily due to the fact that the rubberized gasket around the screw head is protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

In addition to increased durability, hidden fasteners mean that the roof is more aesthetically pleasing.  A definite plus.

Interested in knowing more about standing-seam metal roofs?  Are you searching for roofing companies near Big Spring, KY?  Roof Master LLC specializes in all types of roof repair and installation in and around the Big Spring area.  We have many years of professional roofing experience, and we’d love to start the conversation about your project.

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