Standing Seam Roof in McLean County KY

So it’s no secret that standing seam roofs are in. And why not? They are beautiful, durable and feature less points of failure compared to traditional metal roofs. Using this standing seam roof in McLean County, KY, as an example, let’s talk about a few of these points in greater detail…

Standing seam metal roof application McLean County, KY.

Standing seam roofs are simply beautiful! Compared to your traditional metal roof with exposed fasteners, the look of standing seam is simply cleaner, more modern and elegant.

And notice that we mentioned exposed fasteners–a fancy term for the screws holding down the roof. The fact that the screws are drilled directly through the metal roof in traditional applications can eventually lead to problems in the end. The UV rays from the sun can break down the rubber gaskets over time, creating the potential for leaks. Standing seam roof fasteners, on the other, hand are completely covered providing minimal opportunity for leakage.

No seams! Okay, let’s clarify. Every metal roof has seams of some sort. The seams that we’re talking about here, however, are the occasional overlapping seams due to length limitations on corrugated metal. The panels for traditional metal roofs are precut and delivered to the location of the roof install. This can limit the length of the panels to be delivered. As a result, contractors sometimes have to overlap long runs of corrugated metal in order to complete a run. This isn’t a problem with standing seam roofs, as the panels are manufactured on-site to run from eave to ridge in one solid piece.

Standing seam metal roof application McLean County, KY.

Again, we’re stoked about how beautifully this standing seam roof turned out. And as always, feel free to start the conversation if you’re considering whether a standing seam roof may be right for your project.

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