Custom-Built Pole Barn Apartment in Lewisport, KY

Pole barn construction is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to build a structure.  Whether you need a barn, garage, house or (as in the case of this project) an apartment, most anything can be constructed from a pole building. This pole barn apartment in Lewisport, KY, is the most recent addition to our […]

Metal Roof, Sidewalls and Insulation over Steel Frame Building in Lewisport, KY

Roof Master LLC specializes in metal and steel frame roofing applications.  We have the experience to cover and properly insulate your building in a way that will both promote energy efficiency and extend the life of your steel or metal building. The scope of this commercial steel building project included the installation of a metal […]

Regal Blue Metal Roof over Existing Shingle Roof in Lewisport, KY

Roof Master LLC is happy to be among the best roofing companies in Lewisport, Kentucky. We recently installed this beautiful regal blue metal roof over existing shingles.  Read on for more details about this new residential roof install and for more information about how Roof Master LLC can help you with your up-coming roofing project.  […]

New Standing Seam Roof on Barnhouse Getaway in Lewisport, KY

If you’re into country living and cool weekend getaways, then you simply must check out this barn house project in Lewisport, KY. We’d love to convince you that we did all the work on this project, but in actuality we were just a part of a larger team. Another construction company near Lewisport, KY, framed […]