The Importance of Correct Sidewall Installation: Avoiding Costly Roofing Leaks

Proper sidewall installation is a critical aspect of roofing that should never be overlooked. Unfortunately, many roofing companies, in an attempt to save time and effort, resort to using caulk as a quick fix for sidewall leaks. However, this temporary solution can lead to significant long-term consequences and costly repairs. This article highlights the importance […]

Standing Seam Roof on New Meade Co Dispatch Building

Aerial view of new metal roof on Meade Co Dispatch building

The standing seam metal roof system is a popular choice for commercial buildings, providing durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Standing seam metal roofing is also an energy-efficient. The interlocking panels create a tight seal that helps to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This means that the building […]

Standing Seam Roof in McLean County KY

Standing seam metal roof application McLean County, KY.

So it’s no secret that standing seam roofs are in. And why not? They are beautiful, durable and feature less points of failure compared to traditional metal roofs. Using this standing seam roof in McLean County, KY, as an example, let’s talk about a few of these points in greater detail… Standing seam roofs are […]

Metal Roofing Contractors near Garfield, KY

Looking for metal roofing contractors near Garfield, KY? Roof Master LLC has solutions for you! We’re master roofers who specialize in turning old, worn-out shingles into beautiful, metal roofs. Speaking of turning old shingles into beautiful metal, here are a couple of pictures from a project that we recently completed in Garfield, KY. Like many […]

Beautiful Regal Blue Metal Roof Installation in Eastview, KY

The outcome of this new metal roof installation in Eastview, KY, speaks for itself.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful blue metal roof?  The regal blue color was the perfect match for this awesome home. If the installation pic of the front of the house was good, the new roof on the back of […]

New Brown Metal Roof Installation with Felt Underlayment

We’d like to thank the owners of this beautiful brick home in Irvington, KY, for making Roof Master LLC their roofing company of choice in their search for roofing companies near Irvington.  This roof has something special that you might not see at first glance, but read on with us and we’ll tell you more […]

New Slate Gray Metal Roof with Copper Metal Porch Ceiling

We’re excited to share another metal-roof-over-existing-shingles transformation with you.  We very much enjoyed working with the owners of this beautiful home, and we’re very happy with the outcome of their newly installed metal roof. This home originally had asphalt shingles, and like all asphalt shingles, the passing of time had left them brittle and inefficient. […]

New 40-Year Metal Roof Installation over Existing Shingles in Brandenburg, KY

Take a look at this 40-year metal roof installation and tell us it’s not the most beautiful thing that you’ve seen in a while.  The color selection of this metal is on-point–we’re amazed by how well it goes with the existing brick.  Beautiful!! Looks aren’t the only thing to get excited about when it comes […]

Black Metal Roof over Shingles in Hardinsburg, KY

Check out this black metal roof that we recently installed on this beautiful brick home in Hardinsburg, KY.  We’re really excited about how this installation turned out. Like some of the past installs that we have shared with you, we were able to save this customer time and money by installing the metal roof over existing […]