Black Metal Roof over Shingles in Hardinsburg, KY

Check out this black metal roof that we recently installed on this beautiful brick home in Hardinsburg, KY.  We’re really excited about how this installation turned out. Like some of the past installs that we have shared with you, we were able to save this customer time and money by installing the metal roof over existing […]

Shingles to Metal Roof Replacement in Big Spring, KY

Weekends are awesome.  Ice cream is awesome.  But you know what isn’t awesome?  Leaky roofs.  A leaky roof can really…rain on your parade (Sorry.  We couldn’t resist.).  Luckily for these homeowners in Big Spring, KY, Roof Master LLC is in the business of removing leaky, shingled roofs and turning them into beautiful, metal roofs. The […]

Regal Blue Metal Roof over Existing Shingle Roof in Lewisport, KY

Roof Master LLC is happy to be among the best roofing companies in Lewisport, Kentucky. We recently installed this beautiful regal blue metal roof over existing shingles.  Read on for more details about this new residential roof install and for more information about how Roof Master LLC can help you with your up-coming roofing project.  […]

Metal Roof Over Shingles with Custom Framing in Richland City, IN

We’re excited to share another metal roof over shingle installation success story.  Though we’ve listed this project under Tell City, this farmhouse is actually located in Richland City, IN.  The homeowner was very pleased with the outcome of this project.  We hope that you’ll love it as well. The first thing that you’ll notice about […]

EMS Building Gets New Metal Roof Over Shingles in Irvington KY

Most experts will tell you that a shingle roof will last anywhere from 12 – 20 years.  The actual lifespan depends on several variables like what shingle roofing material is used and the weather conditions where the building is located.  Exact timeframes aside, shingles tend to wear out faster than some of the more modern […]