New Post Frame Building with Wood Trusses

Close up of post frame building

Post-frame construction, or pole barn construction, is a popular building method that uses wooden poles as the primary structural support. It is often used for agricultural buildings, storage facilities, and residential homes. This method is cost-effective and flexible, allowing for an open floor plan that suits your needs. One of the benefits of post-frame construction […]

Post Frame Buildings: Cost Effective & Customizable

Post frame building with 4 bays and red metal siding

If you’re looking for a secure and cost-effective way to store your farm equipment, vehicles, and other items, a custom post frame building is the perfect solution. Post frame buildings — also known as pole barns — are durable, versatile, and customizable structures that provide a great alternative to renting a storage unit. Post frame […]

New Post Frame Building in Hawesville, KY

Farm equipment building next to railroad tracks framed and ready for metal

This new post frame building in Hawesville, KY, is framed up and ready for metal. The building measures 30′ x 112′ and will be used to store farm equipment. This building will soon be covered with a metal roof and metal siding. In most cases, the metal used in most of our construction applications has […]

Economy Style Building with Split Sliding Door

Finished view of economy post frame building with metal siding

If you’re in the market for a post frame building, this 24 x 40 x 14 economy building may be just what you’re looking for. This economy building has some pretty incredible features for its price point. There’s a concrete floor, a 12 x 12 split sliding door, a steel service door and custom steel […]

Post Frame Building in Battletown, KY

Post frame building in Battletown, KY.

People love their post frame garages and we love building them! Check out this post frame building that we recently completed in Battletown, KY. We love the color palette chosen by the customer and the wrap-around porch roof on the front of the building. Let us know if you have any questions about this project. […]