Standing Seam Roof on New Meade Co Dispatch Building

Aerial view of new metal roof on Meade Co Dispatch building

The standing seam metal roof system is a popular choice for commercial buildings, providing durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Standing seam metal roofing is also an energy-efficient. The interlocking panels create a tight seal that helps to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This means that the building […]

Standing Seam Roof in McLean County KY

Standing seam metal roof application McLean County, KY.

So it’s no secret that standing seam roofs are in. And why not? They are beautiful, durable and feature less points of failure compared to traditional metal roofs. Using this standing seam roof in McLean County, KY, as an example, let’s talk about a few of these points in greater detail… Standing seam roofs are […]

New Standing Seam Roof on Barnhouse Getaway in Lewisport, KY

If you’re into country living and cool weekend getaways, then you simply must check out this barn house project in Lewisport, KY. We’d love to convince you that we did all the work on this project, but in actuality we were just a part of a larger team. Another construction company near Lewisport, KY, framed […]

Standing-Seam Residential Roof Installation

Standing-Seam Residential Roof Installation Details This project featured a installing a new, standing-seam, black metal roof on a brick home. This home is located in Reynolds, KY, about 25 miles east of Owensboro.

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church New Standing-Seam Metal Roof

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church New Standing-Seam Metal Roof Details. We recently installed a new standing-seam metal roof on the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Owensboro, KY. Once all the material and roofing equipment were staged the project moved along very nicely. We even had a little fun along the way. Love this roof? Need a […]

Louisville Church Roof Replacement

Louisville Church Roof Replacement Details This project featured a very large area of roof to be replaced.  The existing roof was shingle and had become worn by weather and recent storms, resulting in leaks. The client chose a gray standing-seam metal roof as a replacement for the failing roof.

Two-Story Home Roof Replacement

Two-Story Home Roof Replacement Details The previous shingled roof on this two-story home was starting to show its age, so we replaced it with this beautiful standing-seam metal roof. The very steep pitch on this particular roof was challenging to work with, but the project went smoothly and without incident.