Steel Trusses for Lean-To Additions with Longer Spans and Lower Maintenance

Lean to addition featuring steel trusses

When it comes to expanding your living space or creating additional storage, lean-to additions offer an attractive and cost-effective solution. Traditionally, wooden trusses were the go-to choice for such projects, but they came with limitations in terms of span and maintenance. However, the advent of steel trusses has revolutionized the construction industry by enabling longer […]

The Power of Metal Trusses: Unveiling the Advantages

Roof Master truck parked in a storage building built with metal trusses

When it comes to constructing buildings or bridges, the choice of truss systems plays a crucial role in ensuring structural integrity and long-lasting performance. Among various truss options, metal trusses have emerged as a popular choice due to their outstanding benefits. In this post, we will explore the advantages of using metal trusses and how […]